Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Editor's Pick

Coronavirus: Europol arrests man behind €6M face masks and hand sanitisers scam

While crooks continue to exploit the Coronavirus outbreak, the Europol announced to have arrested a...

Building Your Cyber Talent Pool Early In 2020

Start early to win the war on talent By Karl Sharman, Vice-President, BeecherMaddenAs we near the...

How The Cybersecurity Industry Can Stop Shooting Itself In The Foot And Solve The Skills Gap

By Rene Kolga, Head of Product, Nyotron.It’s no secret that enterprises struggle to find the...

Latest News

Protect Yourself from Threats and Fraud With XTN

By Guido Ronchetti, CTO of XTN Cognitive SecurityXTN develops Behavioral-based Fraud and Threat Protection solutions designed to defend digital businesses. Our security solutions are Cognitive, using...

New Raccoon Stealer uses Google Cloud Services to evade detection

Researchers found a piece of Raccoon Stealer that abuse of Google Cloud Services and leverages multiple delivery techniques.Racoon malware (aka Legion, Mohazo, and Racealer) is an info-stealer...

Threat Modeling High Value Assets

By M. Michael Mitama, THETA432We live in an era where we are continuously bombarded with marketing campaigns of the next silver-bullet that will stop...

FBI warns of nation-state actors using the Kwampirs malware

For the third time in a few weeks, the FBI has issued an alert about supply chain attacks carried out by nation-state actors using...

RSA Conference 2020 – What’s Keeping Cybersecurity Experts Up At Night?

San Francisco, CA – At the RSA Conference 2020, Gary Berman and I  had the privilege of interviewing some of the top executives in...

Your colleague was infected with Coronavirus, this is the latest phishing...

Security experts uncovered a new Coronavirus-themed phishing campaign, the messages inform recipients that they have been exposed to the virus.Experts continue to spot Coronavirus-themed...

Hackers target zero-day flaws in enterprise Draytek network devices

Experts from Qihoo 360's NetLab recently spotted two zero-day campaigns targeting DrayTek enterprise-grade networking devices.Since December 2019, researchers from Qihoo 360 observed two different attack...

TEHTRIS XDR Platform, A Holistic Cybersecurity Solution

By Laurent Oudot, Founder, CEO at TEHTRISTEHTRIS is the European cybersecurity company that has designed and deployed the smart and holistic TEHTRIS XDR Platform...